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Institute Settings- Academic year and Term Setting

for Admin role

  1. The organization Admins can add new academic years from the organization settings and managing them.

  2. Enable the academic year on the organization settings if not enabled and then you will be able to add new academic year.

  3. Add a new academic year, enter the Academic year title start & end dates.

  4. Click on Add Term then enter the Term name ad the start date &End date
  5. To Activate the Academic year click on .


    Only one academic year should be active, Admin can activate and deactivate any desired academic year


  You can add more terms by clicking Add Term.

Editing academic year & terms

  1. Admins can edit academic year title, start & end dates. All validations apply by clicking on then Edit.

  2.  Admins can edit the terms title, translations, start & end dates linked to academic year by clicking on.