Manage the Badges section

For Admin, Teacher Roles

You are able to view all WinjiGo badges, add new badges, or edit the points assigned to them through the Badges section. The Administrator can also use the available badges to award the students in the different courses. As an Administrator, you can view all the badges added by any of the Academic Coordinators in the schools belonging to the Organization you are responsible for, in addition to any badges added by any other Administrator responsible for the same Organization. You can select a specific school to view its badges from the Choose School list.

To access the Badges section

  1. Click on the system left panel. The system displays the list of WinjiGo badges.

  2. Select a badge group to view; the system displays all the badges available in the group.


  • You can edit the score acquired when the badge is awarded by clicking the edit icon .
  • You can print the badge in 3D format by clicking the 3D printing icon .