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Add an Ordering Question

For Admin, Teacher Roles

The Ordering question allows the student to re-order the available answers to make an appropriate sense. This type of questions is automatically graded by the system according to the answers entered by the Administrator.

To add an Ordering question

  • On the questions types page, click Ordering, then follow the following steps as illustrated in the following figure.
  1. Type the question's full score.
  2. Select the question's difficulty level: Low, Medium, or Difficult.
  3. Type the question.
  4. Type the first item to be arranged.
  5. Type the second item to be arranged.
  6. Type the third item to be arranged.
  7. Click to add more items, if needed.
  8. Select Partially Graded in case you want the system to give points to each correct answer provided by the student apart. This allows the system to grade the question partially and does not count it all wrong if one wrong answer is provided.
  9. Click Save, to save the question and its answers.