Course Home Page

For Admin, Teacher, Student Roles

The Course Home tab displays the course homepage as in the figure below.

Through the homepage, the Teacher can view the following:

  • Leaderboard: that displays the list of awarded students.
  • Course Info: that displays the information previously entered by the teacher. In case no information was provided, this section is empty.
  • Access Code: that the teacher sends to the students to allow them to join the course.
  • Course Updates: listing all the updates and posts shared by the course members regarding the course. The teacher can also share his posts and updates through this section, and comment on any of the updates and posts shared by the course members. Through this section, you can do the following:
    • Share an update by typing it in Post an update box, and clicking Post.
    • Ungraded Activities: listing the activities submitted by the students and that are not graded yet.
    • Upcoming Activities: listing the due activities that should be submitted by the students.


    In case your course is linked to more than one term, the Ungraded Activities and Upcoming Activities sections display activities related to the term selected from the Term list on the course cover page.