Gradebook Configuration

For Admin Role

To Configure the gradebook system

  1.  From the system left pane, hover over the Administration Tools icon , and then click Gradebook
  2. On the Gradebook page click on open Configuration .
  3. Click on Enable Gradebook.

  4. Click on Enable Gradebook Scale to represent the range of grading scales, and their grades range.


       Click the Enable Scale customization on schools to allow the schools falling under the institute to customize their own gradebook scale.

  5. To add a new scale, click Add New Scale at the bottom of the Scale Definitions section as in the figure below.

  6. In the Grade value box, type the Scale Name  grade title, and then define its range in the covers from and to
  7. You can also add a color code for the Grade Scale by clicking the arrow next to and then selecting the color you want.

  8. Click Done once you finish adding all the grade scale you want then Save & Close.