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Import a Question from Question Bank

For Admin, Teacher Roles

The system allows you to import a previously added question in a question bank to be used in the activity you are creating.

To import a question from a question bank

  1. On the questions types page, click the Import From tab, and then click Question Banks

  2. In the Import from Question Bank dialog box, in the search box, type a keyword that is related to the required question, or type the question bank name.

  3. Click either Pinned Questions, My Banks or Public Banks to select the category where the required question is included, and then click
  4. You can use the search criteria, to filter the search results, by selecting the question’s difficulty level, the question type, the subject, or the grade/year related to the question and then click Search.
  5. In the search results, click beside the question you want to import; the selected questions are imported.