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Import Random Questions

For Admin, Teacher Roles

This feature allows you to select some of the questions that were already created in a given question bank to add them randomly to the assessment/ quiz or in-class activity you are creating. In this case, the course where the assessment, quiz or in-class activity, are being created should have the same subject and grade as those of the bank from where the questions are being imported. Once done, the system shall display, among the set of questions you specified, a different set of questions whenever the student is solving the assessment, quiz or in-class activity.  

To select random questions

  1. Under Import tab, select Random Questions.

  2. From the Specify Randomization Criteria dialog box, select the question bank from where you want the system to import random questions, select the check box next to it, and then click Proceed as shown in the figure below.


    You can select from more than one bank.

  3. Select the questions types, level of difficulty, number, and score as shown in the figure below, and then click Save.

  4. Once done, click Randomize.


    • You can update or delete the criteria you selected by clicking
    • You can go back and change the banks you selected by clicking Back.
    • You can choose from more than one bank at the same time.
    • If you selected Once for all students, all students receive the same set of questions but in a different random order.
    •  If you selected Per each student, each student receives a different set of questions than the other student receives.