Attendance Per Day

For Academic Coordinator Role

The Academic Coordinator can register the attendance of the students enrolled in the different courses across the school he is responsible for. The attendance taking type differs according to the settings made by the Institute Administrator, whether selecting the attendance taking type to be either Attendance per day or Attendance per lesson.

To take attendance, in case the attendance taking type is set to be Attendance per Day

  1. Click from the left navigation panel, the attendance page opens as in the following figure.

  2. From the Classes list, select the class that you want to take its attendance.
  3. From the Pick a Date list, select the date of the day you want to take its attendance, and then click Take Attendance.

  4. Select the attendance status you want from the attendance statuses list in the student’s quadrant, as in the above figure.
  5. Click Save to save the selected attendance statuses.


  • You can take the attendance of all students at the same time using the Mark All As list.
  • You can register a note for each student by clicking next to the student.

To register attendance notes

  1. Click next to the status list of the student you want to take a note for as in the following figure.

  2. In the Attendance Note dialog box, type the note, and click Save.