Course Home - Post An Update

For Admin, Teacher, Student Roles

The Course Home tab displays the course homepage as in the figure below.

Through the homepage, you can listing all the updates and posts shared by the course members regarding the course. Also you can share posts and updates through this section, and comment on any of the updates and posts shared by the course members. Through this section, you can do the following: 

  • Share an update by typing it in Post an update box, and clicking Post.
  • Share a file by clicking Add File at the bottom of Post an update
  • Share a voice update by clicking .
  • Comment on one of the post updates by clicking , typing the reply, and then clicking
  • Expressing your opinion regarding one of the updates by using
  • Editing or deleting the reply by clicking then Edit or Delete.
  • Pin Post by clicking on then Pin Post, the pinned post will appear at the top of all posts, repeat the same steps to un-pin