System Overview

For All Roles

Winjigo system offers a wide variety of educational features that cope with the ever-changing technological environment and make the learning process easier and faster for all the participants whether teachers, students, administrators or academic coordinators. Each of the system sections explained in the table below offers a set of functionalities that help the Institute Administrators manage Winjigo system efficiently.




The Reports section allows Administrators to have full-view information about all the activities going through the system.

Administration Tools

The Administration Tools section directs you to the Administration, Roles and Permissions, and Classes sections.


The Administration section allows Winjigo Administrators to manage the institute that comprises a set of schools they are responsible for managing.

Through this section, administrators can enter the information related to the institute and its schools, can control their theme, and provision users as teacher, students, or other administrators. This section also allows adjusting the settings of the courses, spaces, tracks, and chats on both the institute and the school levels. Administrators are also able to renew the institute license.

Roles and Permissions

The Roles and Permissions section allows Winjigo Administrators to create different roles other than the default ones that are created by the system. In addition, the administrators can control the permissions that are granted to the newly created roles according to the work need.


The Classes section allows creating a new class, assigning the students who shall study in this class, and map the class to a course round.


The Courses section enables the Administrators to create new courses. Administrators are able to create lessons and add the necessary content they need the students to study. They can also create activities to measure the students’ progress and if they are following the course content. They can create online collaboration courses where students interact with their peers, or self-paced courses that students can study on their own. Administrators can also group a number of students in a track that they can join in order to achieve a given learning goal. The students’ progress and course analytics are available through the course tabs to follow up the course performance. The system also allows Administrators to award students with different badges in case they achieve a certain score as a method to encourage students to participate actively in the course.


The Academic section directs you to the Attendance and Score Sheet sections.

Score Sheet

The Score Sheet section enables Administrators to view the scores acquired by students in the activities they submitted in the different courses.


Attendance allows Administrators to take attendance of the students enrolled in the different courses across the schools.


The Schedules section directs you to the Calendar and Timetable sections.


The Calendar section displays all the events related to the groups that the Administrator participates in.


The Timetable section enables Administrators to view the schedule of the school courses.


The Templates section directs you to the Forms Templates and Surveys sections.

Forms Templates

The Forms Templates section allows Winjigo Administrators to create pre-designed forms for the lessons plans and the teachers’ evaluations, so that they can be frequently used and accessed through the system.


The Surveys section enables the Administrator to create and manage surveys.

Course Planner

The Course Planner section enables the Administrator to prepare a complete course plan to be used automatically for a course with the same created units and lessons.


Administrators can search for any member that exists in the institute through the Search for Members section.


Spaces allow Winjigo members to share updates, resources, and events related to a given topics. The space members can either view updates, resources, and events, create them, or search for spaces created by other members to join them.


The Badges section enables Administrators to create a n view badges used across the courses.

Help Files

Displays the questions usually asked by the system users to provide a quick answer and save their time.