Tasks In Collaboration Spaces

Admin And Teachers

For more engagement and collaboration, LearningCurve provides entities the ability to assign tasks for their employees within the collaboration space. Space admins and co-admins have the permission to initiate tasks for the space members. The user can add task description, due date, attachment, priority and assign multiple members to the same task.

To Create Task 

  1. From the Space page click on Tasks menu.
  2. Type the Task Title then Select Date.
  3. Choose the members from Assign members
  4. Select the task Status and priority
  5. Also you can attach file with the task

After the trainee receives the task, he will start working on it and can update the task status. This status update reflects all members updates and will be displayed for anyone viewing the task.

Space admin and co-admin are the one eligible to create, update or delete any task created on the space. And space members view all tasks created on the space.