Teams Integration

For Admin Role and Teacher

Teams can work fluidly alongside WinjiGo, supporting the crucial need for online lectures, assignments, and productive collaboration.  

The current integration is available to all O365 organizations and started by the courses’ administration and extended to benefit the teachers and students.


Courses Creation:

To be able to get the benefits of MS Teams, the admin and the teachers now should map the courses with the correct Teams’ channel, follow the below steps to know-how:

  1. On the courses page, start the course creation by clicking on Add Course.
  2. Scroll down to the MS Teams Section and enable the option of Map to Teams Channel.
  3. Select the Team, then select the channel and click on Create to finalize the creation process.

Old Courses Mapping:

In case you have an old course and you want to map it to a Teams channel, don’t worry, you can do that by following the below steps:

  1. Open the course and click on the Teams icon which appears in the widget.
  2. Click on Map to channel.

  3. Select the team and the channel then click on Add.

Courses Editing:

  1. Open the course that you would like to edit its channel.
  2. Click on the edit icon and choose the Team and the channel, click on Save when done.