Teams Resources

For Admin Role and Teacher

Teacher can Upload and view files of the course mapped channel.

Upload Teams Resources

  1. From the Course page, click on Teams tab.
  2. Click on Upload to upload files from the computer directly to the channel files.


View Teams Resources 

  1. From the Course page, click on Teams tab.
  2. Then Open the resources tab items in the channel SharePoint site by clicking on Open files

    Download teams resources
  1. From the Course page, click on the Teams tab, then click on the actions menu beside any file and select download.
  2. A copy of the file will be downloaded.

Copy Teams resources as a material of type link

  1. Click on the Teams tab.

  2. Click on the actions menu that appears beside the channel resource and select copy.

  3. Select Copy file as Link and then select the place where you want to add the link.
  4. The copying details will appear in case you want to edit any details like the title or description, click on Copy when done.

  5. Check the place you selected while coping with the material, you will find the copied material displayed as a link.