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Add Assignments

For Admin, Teacher Roles

After finalizing the course and the lesson’ creation, the Administrator can start adding the activities he shall use in evaluating the information acquired by the students throughout the course. There are three types of activities the Administrator can add:

  • Assessment
  • Quiz
  • In-Class Activity

Adding Assessment

Assessments are used to measure the students’ knowledge. The Administrator can specify an end date for the assessment, so that the students do not undertake it after its determined time, however, the system gives the permission to the Administrator to allow the students to pass the end date as appropriate. The Administrator can also evaluate the students’ knowledge by using different types of questions that are available through the system, requiring the students to submit a handout, or by uploading a SCORM file as a material resource.

To add a new assessment

  1. From the Activities tab in the course page, click Create Activity at the left of the page, and then click Assessment.

  2. From the Choose Lessons page, select the check box of the lessons you want to create the assessment for.

  3. Click Next, the Add Assessment page opens.

  4. Type the assessment title and description in the Assessment Title, and Description
  5. Click Voice Note to record a voice note for the students to listen to it.
  6. You can add files that the students shall need during taking the assessment by clicking Choose File, or by dragging the files from your machine and dropping them into the Choose File
  7. Type the time allowed for solving the assessment in the Time
  8. Select the Allow Exceeding Time check box if you allow students to exceed the time you specified in the previous step.
  9. You can set the assessment due date and time through the date and time pickers under the Due Date
  10. You can allow the students to submit the assessment after the due date by selecting the Allow Late Submission check box.


    In case you are creating an assessment in a course mapped to a course plan, you will not be able to specify a due date for it unless it is marked as removed first in the course plan.

  11. You can assign the assessment to a specific group of students, or to all students enrolled in this course, through:
    1. Clicking All Students, to assign the assessment to all students.

    2. Clicking Specific Students, to assign the assessment to a specific group of students.
      1. From the Assign to Students dialog box, select the check boxes beside the students you want to assign the assessment to.

      2. Click Apply.
  12. You can map the assessment to a gradable item by selecting a grading category, then selecting the gradable item from the Select grade category, and select gradable item This way, the assessment shall be graded based on the items you selected.
  13. You can select the way in which you will create the assessment by clicking the way you want under the Assessment Type


    To know more about the different ways of creating the assessment’s questions, go to the Creating Activity’s Questions section.

  14. You can set the award badges you would like to grant to the students when they submit the assessment by clicking Award Student a Badge .
    1. In the Bind a Badge dialog box, define the success percentage that is required for a student to get an award badge, by clicking beside Awarding Score
    2. Select the badge you like from Winjigo Badges list, and then click Assign Badge.

    3. You can change or remove the assigned badge by clicking the Remove and Change links that appear beside the assigned badge.

  15. You can link the assessment to a learning objective so that the student is counted to have achieved this objective by taking this assessment, by clicking Map to Learning Objectives .


    You can map the assessment only to one of the learning objectives that were linked in the system database to the same subject and grade as those of the course where the assessment is being created. You can also map the assessment to the learning objective mapped to either the subject or grade as those of the course where the assessment is being created, or to one of the learning objectives that were not linked in the database to a specific subject or grade.

    1. In the Add Learning Objectives dialog box, select the check boxes of the learning objectives you would like to link to this assessment.
    2. Click Add Learning Objectives.

  16. At the end of the Add Assessment page, click Save as Draft if you are not done and want to resume the assessment creation later, or click Publish if you are done with creating the assessment.


    ·       Once the assessment is published, you cannot edit it in case the lesson is active, or in case some students submitted the assessment.

    ·       In order to be able to edit the assessment after it is published, you must deactivate the session where the assessment is created first.