Add Custom Fields

For Admin Role

Custom Fields help System Administrators add as much information as they need about the role they are adding to the organization. The Global Custom Fields functionality allows Administrators to add custom fields that will be reflected in any role added on the organization level.

To add a custom field 

  1. From the system left pane, hover over the Administration Tools  icon , and then click Custom Fields.
  2. On the Custom Fields page, click Add Custom Field.

  3. In the Add Custom Field dialog box, select the type of fields you want to add, enter its value, and then click Save.

    • Click to add a field of type Text
    • Click to add a field of type Date
    • Click to add a field of type Number
    • Click to add a field of type List. When you select the list, enter its values as in the following list, and click Enter after entering each value as in the following figure.