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Institute Settings- Integration

For Admin Role

Content Types Integration

The system allows integrating external types of content to be used as material types inside the courses.

To integrate content types from external sites

  1. From the system left pane, hover over the Administration Tools icon, and then click Administration.
  2. On the Institute Management page, click , and then click Edit Institute Information.
  3. On the Setup Institute page, from the left pane, click Integration.

  4. On the Integration page, click Add new LTI.
  5. On the New LTI page, enter the content type information.

  6. In the URL box, enter the site from where the content type is extracted, in addition to the Consumer Key and Shared Secret info in their respective fields. You can obtain this data from the LTI provider you are dealing with.
    1. Once done, click Save. The content type is integrated into the system and can be found in the course material list.