Add Material

For Admin, Teacher Roles

After finalizing the lesson’s creation, the Administrator can start adding its material.

To add the content of a lesson

  1. Click at the bottom of the lesson’s page, or at the right side of the lesson’s page. The Add Material dialog box opens.


    In case your course plan is linked to more than one term, take care to select the term you want to add material for from the Term list on the top left of the course plan cover page. This list will only appear in case the course plan is linked to more than one term.

  2. In the Add Material dialog box, select the material type, then click Add.


    Following are the types of material you can add to the lesson:

    • YouTube Video
    • File
    • Link to an internal or external site
    • SCORM file used in the e-learning
    • HTML 5 file
    • EduShare resource; this option is available only in case you are registered on the system using an Office 365 account.
    • Video
    • Activities like Assessments, Quizzes, In-Class Activities
    • Some tools for connection like Discussions, Polls, and Surveys
  3. In the Add Material dialog box, enter the material details, and then click Add.
After adding the material, you can start interacting with it by clicking Useful or Extremely Useful as in the following figure.

Assigning Lesson Material to Specific Students

You can assign the added material to specific students. In this case, only the specified students can view and access that material.

To assign lesson material to specific students

  1. In the Add Material dialog box, choose the type of material you want to add.
  2. Under the Assign to students section, click Specific students.

  3. In the Assign to students dialog box that opens, click the check box next to the desired students, and then click Save.

Print Course Map

After Adding all the units and Materials you can print the course map(Summarized course info on one view).

  1. Click on Print beside the course map in the course plan page.

  2. The course map displays course school, course name, course teacher, number of students, course structure as units, lessons, session date, course material detailed with with material type, description and linked learning objectives.

  3. Then click on Print.
  4. You can save it as PDF by clicking on the printer dropdown menu then select Save as PDF.