Add Resources

For All Roles

You can add resources and files so the space members can view them and hold a discussion about their topic. Each space has its own storage quota. Adding resources to a space and removing them affect the occupied storage quota of that space. WinjiGo does not allow adding more resources to a space that has its storage quota fully occupied. The status of the storage capacity of a space appears on the left banner of the space page, as in in the figure below.

In order to add a new resource, you should create a folder first, then add the resource to it.

To create a folder

  1. From the space page, click the Resources
  2. Click Create Folder, type the folder name, and then click Save.

To add files inside the folder

  1. Click the created folder name, and then click Add Material.

  2. Select the material type you want to add from the left side, and then click Add.


    Following are the types of material you can add to the space:

    • YouTube Video
    • A file
    • A link to an internal or external site
    • A SCORM file used in the e-learning
    • An HTML 5 file
    • A video
    • A poll
  3. In the Add Material dialog box, enter its related information, and then click Add.


    The type of information you need to enter differ as per the selected material type.

    Viewing Resources

    • From the space page, click the Resources tab to view the space resources by clicking the Folders tab in case you are logging on using a normal account, or by clicking One Drive folder in case you logging on using an Office 365 account and in case the space is mapped to an Office 365 group.