Assign Multiple Roles

For Admin Role

You can assign multiple roles to the same user like being a Teacher and an Academic Coordinator at the same time for example. For each role, you can select the permissions you want.

To assign multiple roles to a given user

  1. On the Administration page, select the user you want, click and then click Edit User.

  2. On the Edit User dialog box, click Add Role.

  3. On the Edit Users dialog box, select the school where the user shall perform the role, the role they will perform from the School and Role.

  4. Once done, click Done, and then click Save.


    • In case you select the role to be a Teacher, you should specify the Subject.
    • In case you select the role to be a Student, you should specify the Grade.
    • Any global custom fields added on the organization level shall appear for the new role you are assigning to the user.