Create Gradebook Templates

For Admin Role

User can create a template to be used on the organization level or for a specific school(s).   

To Create Gradebook Templates 

  1. From the Gradebook page click on .
  2. Type the Template Name then Select School.

  3. In the Grading Category section, in the Category Name, enter the category name (For example: knowledge Sharing).
  4. To distribute category weight equally on grade items select the Distribute category weight equally on category's grade items checkbox .

  5. Select the Type ( Organization Scale, Percentage, Pont Based, Scale)
  6. Enter the weight you want to assign to the grade category during the grading process in the Weight box (i.e. 10).
  7. Now you will add the gradable items so enter the item title in the Item Name box.

  8. Enter the item final Score in the Score.
  9. Enter the weight you want to assign to the gradable item in the Weight then click Save.


 You can add more than Item by clicking on Add new Item and follow the same steps.