Create New Announcement

For Admin Role

The Administrator can add new announcements to be addressed to the members of the institute he is responsible for. He can also select the school to which the announcements are addressed, as well as the roles who can view the announcement whether academic coordinators, administrators, teachers, parents, or students. The Administrator is also able to view the announcements addressed to him by other school members.

To add a new announcement

  1. At the top of the system main page, click .

  2. From the Announcements window, click Create New.

  3. In the Create new announcement window, select the roles to whom the announcement will be addressed from the To and the Role Name.


    When selecting Teacher as a role, you are able to specify the related subjects, and when selecting Student as a role, you are able to specify the related grade.

  4. Type the announcement title and message in the Title and Message
  5. Click Add File to upload the announcement file.


    All recipients of this announcement can view this file and you can add up to 5 files.

  6. Select the check box beside show in popup to let users receive the announcement of type Pop-up, it will appear to them in the first login, and in case the user is already logged, he will receive it once moving from page to another. 
  7. Click Send Announcement at the bottom of the window. The announcement is now published.