Create Sub Banks

For Admin, Teacher Roles

On the My Banks page you can open the page of any of your banks where you can manage the selected bank.

To access the page of a bank

  • On the My Banks page, click the name of the desired bank as in the figure below.

WinjiGo opens the bank page as in the below figure.

On the page of a bank you can do the following:

  • Create sub banks
  • Add a question to the bank
  • Search for a question
  • Edit a question
  • Add question to the Pinned Questions list
  • Delete a question

Creating Sub Banks

You can create a sub bank under the main bank.


You cannot create a public sub bank under a private bank.

To create a sub bank

  1. From inside the main bank page, click Add New, and then select Bank, or click Create Bank at the bottom of the page.

  2. In the Create Bank page, enter the bank’s information, and then click Create.