Create Surveys

For Admin Role

The Surveys section enables you to create surveys and select the roles that can respond to them.

To reach the Surveys section

  • From the system left panel, click , and then click .

Creating Surveys

  1. From the Surveys page, click Create, and then select Survey.

  2. In the Create Survey dialog box, type the survey title and date.
  3. Select Allow anonymous Replies to allow responders to reply to surveys without mentioning their names.

  4. In the Surveys page, click the name of the survey you just created.

  5. From inside the survey page, start adding the survey questions.

  6. Next to Untitled Section, click to add the section title as in the following figure.

  7. Enter the section title, and then click Save.
  8. From inside the section, you can start adding the questions and their answers as in the following figure.


    • You can select other types of questions from the list at the right of the page like Multi-response, and short-answer questions.
    • You can select Mandatory Question to oblige the responder to answer this question to be able to submit the survey. At least one mandatory question should be added to the survey in order to be published.
    • You can add more answers options by clicking Add another option.
  9. Click Save after finalizing the entry of the question and answers. The question is added to the survey.


    • You can a new question to the survey, or a new section by clicking Add Question, Add Section.
    • You can manage the question by clicking next to it, and selecting Edit, Delete, or Rearrange as per the operation you want to execute.
  10. Click Activate at the right of the survey page, and select the schools, roles, and grades you would like to send this survey to as in the following figure.

  11. In the Activate Survey window, click Activate to send the survey to the concerned schools, roles and grades.


    Whenever you select student as a role, you can specify the related grade.

  12. After finalizing the survey creation, you can manage it by clicking next to it, and selecting Edit, Delete or Copy as per the operation you want as per the following figure.