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Institute Settings-Behavior

For Admin

The Behavior section allows activating the behavior feature on the institute level, adding a new positive or negative behavior. This allows assigning these behaviors later on to the students based on their performance.

Activating Behavior Feature

You can activate the Behavior feature on the institute level.

To activate the Behavior feature

  1. From the Institute Management page, click , and then click Edit Institute Information.
  2. From the Setup Institute page, from the left panel, click Behavior.
  3. In the Behavior Configuration page, select the Enable Behavior check box.

Adding New Behavior

Now that you activated the Behavior feature on the Institute level, you can start adding positive or negative behaviors as per your institute needs.

To add a new behavior

  1. On the Setup Institute page, click Add Behavior.

  2. In the Add Behavior dialog box, from the Select Type menu, select the behavior type whether positive or negative.

  3. Select the behavior level from the Select Level menu and enter the behavior title in the Title.
  4. You can translate the behavior title by clicking Add Translation and entering the translation as in the figure below.

  5. Once done with entering the behavior information, click Save.
  6. You can manage the behavior you created by editing or deleting it as in the following figure.

Enabling Private Behavior

The Behavior Settings allow you to enable Private Behavior to allow teachers to grant students behaviors that they cannot view.

To enable Private Behavior

  • In the Behavior Configuration screen, select the Public/Private option to enable teachers to grant students behaviors that they cannot view.


Please note that keeping the Public Only option selected will not enable teachers to grant private behaviors and any granted behaviors will be seen by anyone.

  • Click Save once done with the Behavior configuration you need.