Export/Import Banks

For Admin, Teacher Roles

WinjiGo allows you to export the question banks that you create in compressed files, and save them locally on your computer. You can also import them once again to the system banks.

To export banks to a file that can be used later

  1. On My Banks page, hover over the bank you want to export, then click as soon as it appears.
  2. Click Export Bank as in the following figure. The bank is exported to a zip file that you can save on your computer.

To import the bank

  1. On My Banks page, click Add Bank, and then click Import Bank as in the following figure.

  2. On Import Bank page, click Browse to find the bank on your computer and import it.

  3. From the lists, select the subject and grade where the bank shall be used,
  4. From the Sharing Settings, select whether the bank is private or public.
  5. Click Import. The bank is added to My Banks