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Grade Assignments

For Admin, Teacher Roles

To grade the activities submitted by your students

  • On the course homepage, from the Ungraded Activities section, click the activity title and start grading it.


  • The Ungraded Activities section includes the activities that require a manual grading by the Administrator, and that the system does not grade automatically.
  • In case your course is linked to more than one term, the Ungraded Activities section shall display activities related to the term selected from the Term list on the top left of the course cover page. This list will only appear in case the course is linked to more than one term.

You can also grade the activities through the following steps:

  1. In the Plan tab, click at the right side of the activity you want to grade.

  2. Click View Scores.

  3. Under the submitted activity of a student, click Grade Now, to grade this submitted activity.

  4. In the Score box, enter the score you want to give to the student according to their answer, and then click Save Scores at the bottom.