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Institute Settings- Learning Objectives

For Admin Role

The system allows adding the learning objectives you will use in the courses material, assessments and quizzes.

To add a learning objective

  1. From the system left pane, hover over the Administration Tools icon, and then click Administration.
  2. On the Institute Management page, click , and then click Edit Institute Information.
  3. On the Setup Institute page, from the left pane, click Learning Objectives.
  4. On the Learning Objectives page, click Add new learning objectives.

  5. On the Learning Objectives page, click Download to download the template where you can enter the learning objectives data.

  6. From the Select a Subject list, select the subject to which the learning objectives are mapped.
  7. Click Upload to upload the Learning Objectives template that you downloaded and entered the learning objectives information in it.

  8. Once uploaded, click Validate so the system checks the accuracy of the entered data.


In case there are any errors in the file, the system displays a message. You can delete the file by clicking , and re-upload it after correcting any errors.

  • You can view the learning objectives related to a given subject and grade after selecting them from their respective lists, and clicking View. The system displays the learning objectives matching the entered criteria as in the following figure.

  • You can edit or export the learning objectives into an Excel file by clicking and then selecting Export or Edit.