Manage Lesson

For Admin, Teacher Roles

You can manage the lesson by clicking at the right side of the page. The Manage Lesson list opens, and you can perform the operation you want as in the following figure.

Through the Manage Lesson list, you can perform the following operations.

    Editing Lesson

    To update any of the lesson information, click Edit.

    Copying Lesson

    To making a copy of the lesson to use it in other courses or rounds, click Copy to.

    To copy a lesson

    1. From the Manage Lesson list, click Copy to; the Copy Lesson dialog box opens.

    2. From the Copy Lesson dialog box, Select the school level and click Search.
    3. From the Copy Lesson dialog box, select the check boxes beside the courses or rounds you want to copy this lesson to.


      In case you are having multiple roles, you can see all the courses entitled for all your roles and select between them.

    4. Click Copy to complete copying the lesson to the selected course or round.

     Move Lesson within Unit

    You can change the order of a lesson within the same unit. This option is only available for Self-paced courses.

    To change the lesson order within the same unit

    1. From the Manage Lesson menu, click Move Up/ Down.

    2. In the Move Up/Down dialog box, use the arrows at the top right of the window to change the order of the lesson, and then click Save.

    Moving Lessons between Units

    You can move the lesson from one unit to the other by clicking Move Lessons between Units.

    • In the Move lesson between units dialog box, use the arrows at the top right of the dialog box to move the lesson to the unit you want, and then click Save.

    Viewing Lesson Details

    To view the dates and times when the lesson was created, activated, and modified, click Show Details.

    Approving lesson

    To approve the lesson, click Approve; the system displays a message stating that the lesson is approved, as shown in the following figure.

    The approval details are displayed under the lesson’s name, as shown in the following figure.

    Deleting Lesson

    To delete the lesson, click Delete.

    Deactivating Lesson

    To deactivating an activated lesson, click Deactivate