Manage Unit

For Admin, Teacher Roles

You can manage the unit you just added by clicking next to the unit you want as in the following figure.

Editing Unit

You can edit the unit name by clicking Edit.

Moving Unit Up and Down

You can change the unit order in the course plan by clicking Move Up/Down. This option is only available in self-paced courses.

  • From the Move Up/Down dialog box. Use the arrows at the top right of the dialog box to move the unit, and then click Save.

Moving Unit between Terms

In case the course is linked to more than one term, you can move the units from one term to the other one.

To move units between terms

  1. In the Manage Units menu, select Move Unit Between Terms.

  2. In the Move Unit Between Terms dialog box, use the arrows on top of the screen to move the unit where you want, and then click Save.

Copying Unit

You can copy the unit to other courses.

  1. In the Manage Units menu, select Copy To.
  2. In the Copy Unit dialog box, select the level where the course exists, and then click Search. You can also search for the course by its name, about, or tags.
  3. Select the courses where you want to copy the unit as in the figure below, and then click Copy.

Deleting Unit

You can delete the unit by clicking Delete.