Switch Role

For All Roles

All system users can have more than one role; for example, a user can be an Academic Coordinator and a Teacher at the same time.

You can move between your roles through the system, that is to view the system as per each role, through one of the followings:

  • Hover over your profile photo, clicking the arrow next to Switch Role, and then selecting the role you want, as in the following figure.

  • Accessing the Settings page and changing your role by clicking Change link next to Preferred Role, as in the following figure.


    Select the role you want from the Preferred Role drop-down list, and then click Save, as in the following figure.


    This method of changing your role makes the changed-to role become the primary role that you log in with every time, until you re-change your preferred role again.

    You can also view your different roles by accessing your personal profile page and viewing the list of your different roles.

    To view your different roles

    • On your profile page, under your profile photo, click View all roles; a list of all your roles is displayed, as in the following figure.