Overall Reports

For Admin Role

The Overall report displays the following:

  • The number of schools you are responsible for, the published courses, number of created question banks active teachers, active students, and parents.
  • The number of published quizzes, subjects used in the courses, created assessments, in-class activities, and learning objectives used throughout all the courses
  • Chart of the active and inactive lessons created across the courses
  • Chart of the badges types granted for the students and whether they are 21st Century Skills badges or other types
  • Chart of the collaboration aspects used throughout the different courses whether discussions, posts, surveys, walls posts
  • A chart of the behavior types in use, and the attendance statuses recorded in the different courses
  • Students progress and the percentage of students who passed, failed, or are still studying their courses
  • The number of subject areas used in the courses, and the percentage of each of them
  • The number of created lessons, active lessons, assessments, discussions, posts on walls, and awarded badges. A graph displays these numbers across the months and is updated with the required numbers as per your selection from the Statistics right pane.


  • You can control the duration during which the report data is displayed through the Last 30 days list on top of the report.
  • You can choose to display the report for a specific level (school), from the All Levels drop-down list.