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Institute Settings-Gamification Settings

For Admin Role

The Gamification Settings section allows controlling the Pointing System settings in addition to the Badges Settings.

Enable Advanced gamification will make students learn with fun, by using game elements like levels, system badges and marketplace; that’s to draw the path for students to find interesting ways to learn and compete with each others.

Pointing System Settings

  • To enable the pointing system on the school level and allow granting students points against the activities they shall perform, select the Enable Pointing System check box.


You cannot enable the Pointing System on the school level unless it is enabled on the institute level.

  • You can also edit the number of points assigned to each item by clicking next to the item, typing the new points, and then clicking outside of the square as in the following figure.

Badges Settings

Through the Badges Settings section, you can:

  • Allow teachers to add custom badges, other than the ones predefined in the system, by selecting the Allow Teachers to Add Custom Badges check box.
  • Allow overriding the predefined badges points by selecting the Enable Override Predefined Badges Points check box.