Take Attendance Per Lesson

For Admin, Teacher Roles


To start taking attendance

  1. From inside the course page, click the Attendance tab as in the figure below.

  2. From the Lesson drop-down list, select the lesson you want to register its attendance, and then click Take Attendance.
  3. Next to the student name, select the attendance status that suits the case, and then click Save.


  • You can take the attendance of all students at the same time using the Mark All As list.
  • You cannot take the attendance of a student who joined the course after the lesson start time.
  • You can register a note for each student by clicking next to the student.

Registering Attendance Notes

  1. Click next to the status list of the student you want to take a note for as in the following figure.

  2. In the Attendance Note dialog box, type the note, and click Save.

Taking attendance by using Timetable:

  1. From the navigation bar, click the Timetable section.
  2. From inside the Timetable page, double click on the cell to take the attendance as in the figure below.