Take Students' Behavior

For Admin, Teacher Roles

To search for members

  1. Click on the left navigation pane.
  2. Search by the member name, e-mail, or role like in the figure below.

Taking Students’ Behavior

You can assign the student a negative or positive behavior through the Members page.

To assign a behavior to the student

  1. On the Members section, click Take Behavior on top of the page.
  2. Select the check boxes next to the students you want to assign a behavior to.
  3. Click Add Behavior on top of the page, and then click Add Positive Behavior or Add Negative Behavior as per the case.

  4. In the Take Behavior for dialog box, from the Select Type list, select the behavior type you want to assign to the student whether positive or negative.
  5. From the Choose Behavior list, select the behavior you want to assign to the student, and type any comments you may have in the Add Comment box below.
  6. Under Privacy, select Public in case you want the behaviors you give to the students to be visible to them or select Private if you do not want students to view the behaviors you took for them.

  7. Once done, click Add, and then on the Members page, click Done.