Teachers Usage Report

For Admin Role

The Teachers Usage report displays the list of teachers teaching the different courses. For each teacher, the report displays his e-mail address, school name, number of rounds, the date of joining the system, and the last access date and time. Clicking the teacher name shows more details like the number of activities, quizzes, materials, and discussions created by this teacher.


  • You can export the teachers data into an Excel sheet by clicking .
  • You can search for a specific teacher using the name or e-mail address, and then clicking .
  • You can view the report of a specific teacher by clicking his name in the list.

Specific Teacher Report

The Teacher report can be accessed by clicking the teacher name from the Teachers Usage report. The report displays the number of rounds taught by the teachers, the total number of students in his courses, the number of materials added to the lessons, of created activities and published quizzes.

A graph displays the percentage of the different collaboration types that exist in the courses taught by the teacher, in addition to the number of items that exist in each of them in statistics next to the graph.

A table displays the list of courses rounds handled by the teacher, the status of each of them whether published or draft, the number of students in each round, and of materials and activities in each of them.

The Teacher report also displays whether the Teacher is replaced in any course or not in the Course Status field, as in the following figure.